Loog Guitar for Kids

SATURDAY    10.00-10.45am        5 weeks        7 March-4 April    

This beginner class is designed for children aged 5 -12, who would like to have an introduction to learning the guitar in a fun way. For those who don’t already own guitars, the loog mini guitars are provided during the lesson, and children get the opportunity to become familiar with note reading and playing the first 3 strings. (Parents may also wish to enrol alongside their child).

The course also caters for those bringing their own guitars to lessons, enabling home practice. Limited class size: 5-6 students

Teacher: Deanna Gibson

Deanna has 40  years’ experience teaching guitar to children, and holds current teacher registration with TRBWA and clearance to teach children (WWCC).

Cost:  $105 for 5 group lessons (45 mins) 

          Family Price $195 - 2 siblings, or parent & child.

          Family Price $255 - 3 family members