Gift Wrapping - the environmentally friendly way

Katherine Cheng


It is possible to ‘give twice’ with one present.

With just a bit of thought and not much more effort, the wrap that comes with your present can be another gift and can be useful and used for the rest of the year at least.

If you have ever thought about this or thought like this, come along and learn HOW to do this and WHAT’s possible and HOW simple this can be.

Bonus - great for the environment as there are no wrapping papers to chuck out on Boxing or any other day.

Using Origami and Furoshiki ideas, this workshop will help you to see ‘wrap’ in a bit of a ‘radical’ way and NEVER again run out of gift wrap.

Don’t let the words ‘origami’ or ‘furoshiki’ put you off. If you have ever unwrapped some fish and chips, you ‘got’ this!

Workshop participants, please bring an old tea towel or maybe some inherited napkins - remember those?!- or an old square scarf that has been sitting around.

Check out this reel to see how easy this is!

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