Beekeeping in the Garden of Eden

Inform Yourself on Fridays Talk Series    7.30-9.00pm      27 November

Speaker: Dean Wood

Despite the challenges of our changing climate, the Perth metropolitan area can be considered a Garden of Eden when it comes to beekeeping (and other grow-your-own food production activities). Beekeeping has recently seen a resurgence in popularity in parallel with concerns for sustainability and the deteriorating health of the planet. The relationship between humans and bees stretches back for thousands of years, yet we still know comparatively little about the honey bee.

This talk introduces the world of bees and honey, the craft of beekeeping, some of the variations around the world and the important role of these pollinators in our fast-changing world where consumers and producers of food are frequently far apart. Then there is beeswax, propolis, medicinal uses for honey, apitherapies with bee venom and more….

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